Breakout-Free Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Breakout-Free Ways to Remove Facial Hair

Perhaps you have acne, sensitive skin or peach fuzz on your face that you want to remove… if you’re really unlucky, perhaps you have all of the above. Regardless, there are ways to remove facial hair that won’t make matters worse!

Facial hair removal

Today there are many accessible ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair —waxing, threading, dermaplaning, depilatory creams, laser to name but a few. (In case you’re wondering, dermaplaning is a new trend whereby the top layer of dead skin and fine vellus hair is gently ‘shaved off’ with a sterile, surgical scalpel, triggering cell regeneration — not to be tried at home!)

However, individuals with super-sensitive skin may find that such treatments cause breakouts or increased irritation. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to deal with one skin condition (facial hair), only to discover that it worsens your other skin conditions. It’s like a vicious circle.

Skin saving solutions

Dermaplaning is not recommended if you have active acne – it can cause a lot of inflammation and irritation, and even spread the acne bacteria over your entire face. For someone with breakouts and reactive skin, harsh forms of exfoliation are a big no-no. Similarly, hair bleaching creams can be a disaster.

For those with a sensitive skin, threading or waxing might still be the best option. Just make sure that the right preparation is done before and follow the right aftercare routine. It’s advisable to exfoliate dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface a few hours before having these treatments, as it can result in clogged pores afterwards. Also, exfoliating again the next day can reduce irritation. If your skin is especially fragile and you’re in post-treatment pain, repeatedly apply aloe vera gel or even a cold compress to the affected area.

While the process of threading is more painful, it is more precise as it doesn’t pull the skin. Waxing is more brutal as it rips the hair from the skin in one go. So, while there is no real magic solution, there are skin-saving options if you take the necessary steps to avoid irritation before and after treatments.

Sensilight Mini

For a long-term option, it is worth investing in your own Sensilight Mini device. Designed by the medical esthetics experts at Sensica, this is a compact, non-invasive, professional-grade, hair removal device that you hold in your hand. Painless and safe, the treatment can be done on the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. By using advanced FDA-cleared, Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL™) technology, it disables hair re-growth at the root, resulting in permanent hair removal. Sensilight Mini has been created for use in the comfort of your own home so there are no expensive, repeat visits to clinics – it saves time, money, irritation and breakout!