How I Rejuvenated My Look in Just 2 Hours a Week

How I Rejuvenated My Look in Just 2 Hours a Week

One Simple Trick for a Huge Lifestyle Change 

For most women, our main anti-ageing secret is just to deny it. Unfortunately, celebrating our 29th birthday every year doesn’t make a difference in how we look – or feel. That’s why I decided to take the bull by the horns, put in some research, and find a real solution to help me get rid of my wrinkles. And here’s how I found it.

By Sarah Foster 


Breaking news: being a 38-year-old single mum with a full-time job is, in a word, “overwhelming.” Who knew, right? Money is tight, free time is even tighter, and a good night’s sleep is a fantasy. If I had a spare moment to list my priorities, you can guess that “me time” would come in last. 

So, like most people, I’ve just kept my head down and worked on autopilot. A strategy that paid off right up to when my daughter announced that she was pregnant. Obviously, a million thoughts, questions, and concerns flooded my brain, but among them was the shocking thought that I was becoming a grandma. 

Up to that point, I’d always thought of myself as a fresh-faced young woman. Not what I envisioned in my head of what a grandma is supposed to look like. But when I heard my daughter’s words – “Mum, you’re going to be a grandma!” – all my self-delusion crumbled into dust. I politely excused myself, went to my room, and found myself staring into my mirror, unable to digest it all. 


Reflections & Realizations
I took a breath and held it for a moment as I dared myself to look at my reflection with complete honesty for the first time in years. My face looked worn out and hollow. My youthful glow was gone. I was getting pronounced forehead wrinkles, plus crow’s feet at the corners of my eyes. It had suddenly become clear that my daughter wasn’t a little girl anymore, and time wasn’t slowing down for me either. These were both hard truths, and I felt utterly lost while my daughter was thrilled. Getting older is scary! Mainly because there’s nothing you can do about it. At least… that’s what I thought. 



From “low battery Sarah” to “sacred Sarah time”
Something had to change because my daughter needed me, and a new baby was coming. Sadly, as much as I felt like it curling up on my bedroom floor wasn’t going to cut it. It wouldn’t help with my wrinkles, fatigue, weight, or perpetually tired-looking skin. I realized that putting time aside for myself strengthened my ability to be there for my loved ones. That’s when I started noting “Sarah time” on my calendar.   

What does taking “Sarah Time” mean exactly? My friends might joke that it’s a time zone running about an hour behind GMT, but it was a fixed point in my schedule that I designated as 100% “Me Time.” My healing time. It was a crucial period in my hectic life, where the only thing on my mind was relaxing and helping to rejuvenate my skin. My first port of call for skin rejuvenation was the pharmacy, like most people. I tried all those fancy creams, but it quickly became apparent to me, my face, and my bank account – that a more effective treatment was required. 


Let the rejuvenation begin…
I knew I needed something to firm my skin, tighten my jawline, minimize expression lines, and – while I was at it – tone my décolletage (to be honest, seeing that area get a bit wrinkly and saggy was even more troubling than my face). But I was also wary of putting my faith in something too good to be true. So, I went down the rabbit hole, exploring the world of anti-wrinkle treatments online, reading all the expert opinions and customer reviews. 

One review led to another until I stumbled into the fascinating world of home-use RF technology. This was entirely new for me, but the more I read, the more interested I became. RF, short for Radio Frequency, is a technology specifically designed to reduce wrinkles. It works by warming the skin’s collagen fibers, which helps new collagen formation so that fine lines can smooth out and skin elasticity can improve. The device’s gentle sensors even massage the face after application, so far from hurting, the treatment is an absolute delight. 

Another huge benefit was that this machine was a one-time purchase I could use at home for years to come. Finally, I could forget about making appointments, traveling to salons, and shelling out more money every visit. Plus, RF technology promotes an entirely natural look, unlike Botox-type treatments that can leave you looking weirdly stiff or frozen, making people seem older than if they had no treatments at all. 



The miraculous DRF patent!
Okay, so RF technology was clearly the way to go. But being the thorough person I am, I continued to watch dozens of videos and read loads of reviews before taking the plunge. Sensilift by Sensica made an instant, remarkable impression on me. In my research, I found out that Sensica had patented DRF (or Dynamic Radio Frequency) – the new generation of RF technology, which is CE and FDA approved. And the proof was in the pudding. Women who seemed skeptical as me had uploaded “before” and after” home videos showing the effects on their skin. Even I could see a real difference in their skin texture after only 5 minutes of use! After seven or eight applications, the difference was simply miraculous. Their skin looked radiant, tightened, and toned without any makeup or camera tricks. After that, the choice was obvious. It was my little gift to myself. 

Worried about wrinkles and ageing signs? The world’s most effective rejuvenation technology is now available for home use! 


Conclusion: God is in the details
Today, almost seven weeks later, I’m thrilled to announce that Sensilift has lived up to my highest hopes and expectations. In fact, the results are more far-reaching than I could ever have imagined. In the beginning, I thought that maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see, but after a few weeks, people started asking me what had changed. I haven’t received so many compliments in ages. My expression lines have been significantly reduced, while many fine lines have completely disappeared. My skin has become firmer and more radiant than in years – my neck, eye contours, the area around my mouth, my forehead, everything looks more toned. The texture of my skin is just fabulous, and even my makeup looks better now.  

As time passes, I realize that all those thoughts that had been troubling my mind just a few weeks ago are now old news. For now, though, I’m keeping this secret all to myself – even my daughter doesn’t know. My sacred “Sarah time” is still the most important time of the week. Every Saturday, no matter what else is going on, I take those five minutes for myself. The future seems brighter than ever.  


Next challenge: a new wardrobe to match my new face! 


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