Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

We spend loads of time caring for our face, removing hair, and having our nails done. But what about our feet? Actually, we owe them a lot as they carry us throughout the day, providing a sturdy platform on which to tread and absorb each step, stomp and sprint. It’s time to give them the TLC they deserve, especially during the dry, cold months. Here are some tips on how to indulge your feet this winter.

Foot Baths

First off, do a DIY foot bath. Use a big pot, a foot bath, or your bathtub. If that sounds like too much work, buy some Epsom salts and mix them with a few drops of essential oils. The salt’s magnesium content soothes and relaxes painful muscles, whilst the oils add to the pampering experience.

Smooth Skin

You’re probably tempted to grab that foot scrub or pumice stone and try remove all your cracked rough skin and calluses in one go, but they’ll be back. Rather, use these tools to gradually smooth skin daily as part of your regular skincare routine.

Moisturize Right

After a long day on your feet, you may feel like grabbing the lotion, oil or cream and applying it vigorously to your dry feet. Just as you’d apply oil to damp skin on your face or a toner before using moisturizer, the same applies to foot care. Feet should be slightly wet from the shower and preferably scrubbed so that the skin barrier has been hydrated to prep the skin for moisturizing.

Try a Foot Mask

Generously apply a good hydrating mask to your feet while they’re still damp from a warm shower or bath, then cover overnight with thick socks. A classic that works wonders is Aquaphor healing emollient ointment (also Restore or Waxelene).

Cuticle Care

Unless you get regular pedis, your toenails may be neglected and forgotten. Avoid bruising by keeping the nails trimmed, and moisturize the cuticles with oil (coconut oil works well) to avoid hangnails, snags and breaks.

The Sensimatch Way

For a really pampering foot experience, invest in a Sensimatch. This safe, multi-treatment home-use device by Sensica is the only device that adapts to your body curves via its unique Adapt2U™ technology. Removing dead skin, giving you beautiful feet and a silky-smooth finish, it even gives you a satisfying massage. The Sensimatch comes with several flexible, snap-on pads to suit the different treatments – the Body Peel pad, the Pedicure pad, and the Massage pad. These pads constantly adjust to the shape and contours of the treated area and provide different grades of peeling.

Our feet work hard to bear the weight of our bodies, so don’t forget to prepare them to weather the harsher months.