Tips to Looking Flawless on Your Wedding Day

Tips to Looking Flawless on Your Wedding Day

There are so many things to do when planning your wedding day and even more to become the most beautiful and glowing bride you always dreamt of being. With all the little details to plan and last-minute to-dos, don’t let the following beauty tips slip through the cracks.

Nail Care
Make sure you start having frequent manicures if you want to avoid that awful moment when it’s time to slip the ring on your finger and you notice you’ve neglected your nails and bitten them down to the quick from nerves! In fact, as soon as you get engaged, everyone is going to want to see your ring, so keep those nails pretty with regular manis and book one of your appointments a few days before your nuptials.

A Whiter Smile
You’re about to pose in more pictures than you could imagine… pretty much like kicking off a modeling career, only that the pics will stay for years to come in an album. Despite all the coffee you’ll be drinking from nerves, you will want pearly whites for the pics. Many toothpastes claim to contain whitening ingredients, but you can also try whitening strips or a visit to your dentist’s office to get your teeth professionally whitened several months ahead of time. Don’t go overboard or when you smile and people will have to don their sunglasses due to the unnatural glare. Also, make it a one-time event as constant teeth whitening can wear down your enamel.

Healthy Diet
Try staying away from sugar, sodium and processed foods — if you can beat the urge to drown your nerves in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s that is. The last thing you want after all those dress fittings is a distended tummy. Focus on green vegetables, fruit and lots of water — all super foods for boosting your energy and clearing up your skin. Besides the occasional glass of celebratory champagne, stay away from alcohol — too much makes your skin dry and bloated and the buzz will make you crave junk food. Well before you special day, start detoxing and join a gym — not to just have the membership card, but to actually use it!

Prep Your Skin
You’ll probably have makeup and hairstyle test runs, which should sort out flyaway hairs or even false eyelashes that keep falling off (if that’s the way you’re going), but skin care should start well in advance. Exfoliate weekly for a smooth skin and add a hydrating serum to your skin regimen for a softer and smoother skin. Even starting monthly facials several months in advance. You want a slightly tanned glow in your pics, but getting an artificial tan (tanning salons) won’t only clash with your newly whitened teeth, but will look fake. You can use a gradual self-tanner or get a spray tan at a parlor —make sure you give yourself enough time to fix places where it didn’t take. Just don’t go overboard.
Hair Removal
If you’re having a traditional wedding you might have the garter toss during the reception where your groom lifts your skirt and removes the garter. Imagine the horror when you realize your legs look like a porcupine’s — amongst everything you remembered, hair removal slipped your mind. Also, you don’t want that little peach fuzz just above your upper lip showing up in wedding photos. In short, start your hair removal process well in advance.

For a permanent hair removal solution that’s not just affordable, but that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home and when it’s convenient — i.e. saving time you don’t have for even more salon visits — we recommended investing in Sensica’s Sensilight Mini. Sensilight Mini is an FDA-cleared, professional-grade, non-invasive, and painless hair removal laser device. Remember, 8-12 treatments are required depending on your hair color for ultimate results. The first 4 should be two weeks apart from each other and then, one every 4 weeks. So do the math well in advance and enter it into a calendar! The time it takes to treat each area is:
1. Underarms: 1.5minutes each side
2. Bikini line: 1.5 minutes each side
3. Legs: 7 minutes each leg
4. Arms: 5 minutes each arm
5. Back: 8 minutes overall (should your groom decide to share your device and realize that a shaggy carpet doesn’t look great under his crisp white wedding shirt!)

The Sensilight Mini range is based on cutting-edge Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL) technology that disables hair re-growth at the root using light and heat.

Your wedding beauty regimen is as important — if not more so — than trying to make everyone happy with seating arrangements, color schemes, bridesmaids attire, etc. Don’t forget to pamper yourself and relax so that you not only glow in every picture, but enjoy a day filled creating wonderful memories!